The inspired sculpture of Emilie Brzezinski graces the first art gallery of New York Institute of Technology in an inaugural exhibit, “ Art, Health and Wellness, The Power of Nature” in Fall of 2021. As Emilie’s final exhibit prior to her death in the Summer of 2022, it was a special moment for Emilie, the Brzezinski family, and New York City. New York City was beginning the emergence from the pandemic, as was the world. Being able to celebrate art, health and wellness through the eyes of Emilie Bones Brzezinski, an artist who sees the continuity of life through felled trees, was a beautiful way to develop community!

The exhibit, “Art, Health and Wellness, The Power of Nature”, focused on the breadth of Emilie’s career creating sculptures from felled trees. The curation ackowledged Emilie’s facets of inspiration including: Art and Family, Art and Healing, Art and Nature, Art and Resilience, Art and Learning, Art and Design. Images of Emilie’s towering, exciting, imposing, joyful and sorrowful work are included throughout the exhibit. The Brzezinski family also loaned three original works of art: the Cherry Bench II, and Boy and Girl from the Water Garden Series.

Each work of Brzezinski has their own personality, just as every individual does. In an amazing way, Emilie teaches us through her sculpture to accept individuality, and celebrate it. Enjoy our differences, and let those differences flourish through the continuity of life.